Nov 30, 2009

Online University Could Be For You

For most people my age (over 40) the thought of going back to school pretty much seems like a far off not attainable goal. From doing a bit of research just over the last few months I realized it's not only attainable but can be affordable and flexible as well.

I first got the idea to do a bit of research on courses related to my golf interests and was very surprised at how many courses and programs were available online. It seems many universities have realized that not everyone can go to school 9 to 5 and some need a greater flexibility with course time and of course price. Maybe an online degree is the way to go after all for some people.

Western Governors University is one such online university that has its priorities rooted with the student learner. Their online degrees offer tuition that is substantially lower than most other online universities because they are a non-profit organization. So rather than having huge fees they can keep most programs at under $3000 for a 6 month term. Because they don't have to answer to any shareholders so the student benefits with lower fees.

You don't have to worry about Western Governors University not being accepted by employers either as it's accredited by the top organizations including the Distance Education and Training Council (DETC) and the Northwest Commission on Colleges and Universities.

If your thinking seriously of an online degree or just have questions regarding an online university education be sure to check out Western Governors University huge article pool it can help you make those decisions a little easier.

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