Dec 11, 2009

2009 Holiday / Christmas Headcovers

Love to see what some companies will put out at this time of the year as far as Holiday covers go here's a couple the first one from Bettinardi the second from Scotty Cameron.

2009 Naughty or Nice LE Headcover. Only 50 head covers made. Which list are you on ? =)

Scotty's workshop is a busy place this time of year with helpers zipping around the Studio getting ready for the holiday season. So, have you been naughty or nice? Lena Claus tends to believe you've been nice, so she's wrapped some special gifts for you. Whether you're still teeing it up somewhere warm or settling in for a long winter's nap, grab a new Lena Claus head cover today. You never know what's coming down the chimney, as Scotty always has a surprise or two for the holidays. check by phone or the Internet but I think you'll be out of luck getting one of these.

Scotty Cameron Ms. Lena Claus 2009 Holiday Headcover


Kristoffer said...

Little to cold right now to think about golf but I liked the headcovers.

Chapeau Noir said...

Is self-gifting ok? These are sweet!