Dec 15, 2009

SeeMore Says Bring Your Putter To Work Tomorrow

Hopefully your boss is understanding. SeeMore says bring your putter to work. So don't forget to bring your trusty flat stick to work tomorrow to get some putting advice from SeeMore Putters. I reviewed one of their putters this year and was really impressed. So tune in tomorrow to get a free lesson. Here's the lowdown.

SeeMore wants you to bring your putter to work and have a practice lesson via our FACEBOOK page ( ... 1641133590). People have requested that it would be nice to ask real time questions about putting instruction. We have listened. We would like everyone who plays the game of golf to bring his or her putter to work. The majority of us do not live in a warm climate year round. Therefore, teaching putting while in your office in the winter months seems to be natural. Learn why the SeeMore system is beneficial to a consistent set-up, consistent stroke and consistent ball position.

On Wednesday, December 16th, from 10:00 am - 11:00 am (CST) on our FACEBOOK page ( ... 1641133590), we will be hosting putting tips along with answering questions about the putting stroke. We encourage everyone to bring the putter to work so that he or she can benefit from this lesson. Feel free to share with others.

During the lesson upload a picture on SeeMore Players Club FACEBOOK page of you and your putter while at work and be entered to win a SeeMore FGP stainless steel putter.

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