Jan 13, 2010

Golf Datatech, Bettinardi Headcovers, SeeMore mSeries DB4 and Odyssey Black Series Tour Putters

Here's a few interesting golf related items that have come across my desk recently.

Golf Datatech an Industry’s Leading Research Firm Captures Important Information Regarding Men and Women’s Apparel Sales Here's the first part of the press release:

ORLANDO, Fla., January 12, 2010 Golf Datatech, LLC (www.golfdatatech.com), the industry’s leading independent research firm for consumer, trade and retail golf trends and performance, today unveiled the first-ever Golf Apparel Market ReportsThese reports, which capture retail sales data from both on course and off course retailers in the U.S., cover the top selling men’s and women’s apparel brands broken down by price range, clothing type and inventory.

The Golf Apparel Market Reports are available on a monthly basis to apparel companies, retailers and golf shop operators/managers, providing a detailed snapshot of apparel sales for every category, including golf shirts, pants and outerwear, for both men and women.  Moreover, the reports list the market shares, retail pricing and inventory levels of virtually every apparel manufacturer, as well as define the market leaders in every category. In time, key market trending will be an important tool provided by the reports to retailers and manufacturers.

Among the key general findings of the first On Course Market Report (Nov. ’09) were the following:

Men’s On Course Golf Apparel
·       For men’s golf shirts, including short and long sleeve, the average retail price shirt sold was $49.79The price range of $0-$49.99 made up 56.5% of the total market, while the price range of $50-$74.99 made up 30.6% of the total market and the $75-$99.99 price range made up 9.2% of the total market. 

·       In regards to men’s tops, which include sweaters, vests and fleeces, the average retail price top sold was $71.78The $50-$74.99 retail price range made up 31.7% of the total market, while the $0-$49.99 retail price range made up 36.1% of the total market and the price range of $75-$99.99 made up 13% of the total market.

·       The average retail price of men’s bottoms, including pants and shorts sold, was $48.28.  The price range of $0-$49.99 made up 61.9% of the market, while the $50-$74.99 retail price range made up 28.1% of the total market and the $75-$99.99 price range made up 6.4% of the total market
TWO NEW Limited Edition Headcovers to kick off the start of the 2010 Golf Season this week in Hawaii from Bettinardi LTD

SeeMore introduces mSeries DB4 with RST2 Technology.

The SeeMore Putter Company follows up on the growing success of its flagship putter line by launching the new mSeries DB4, which features RST2 technology. The DB4 is the most exciting new product launch from SeeMore in many years, as it offers a very simple, effective, and innovative twist on a classic design.  RST2 alignment technology expands the proprietary alignment benefits of SeeMore’s patented RifleScope Technology (RST) to a classic blade design with offset hosel for the first time.  
Callaway Golf Company today announced the January 15th retail availability of their new Odyssey® Black Series® Tour Designs line of milled putters. The latest innovation from The Number One Putter in Golf®, Black Series Tour Designs were crafted through extensive work between the Odyssey design team and professional golfers across the world’s major tours.These should be quite popular.

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