Jan 21, 2010

John Daly Rocks The Tiger Print Jacket On Versus

John Daly isn't in this weeks field at the Bob Hope Classic but I'm sure he wishes he was swinging his Ping golf clubs instead of doing other things. Although a few days ago he made an appearance on the Versus TV Show "Sports Soup" and from seeing the below preview video I can definitely see John doing this kind of stuff full time he's got a flare for it for sure. If the golf thing doesn't work out he won't have to do cheesy commercials for natural diet pills, this kind of stuff works for Daly.

He even took a poke a Tiger Woods and his transgressions.

"I wish [Tiger] well. Whatever he does off the course is nobody's business but his ... Elin's, hers (Jamie Grubbs), hers (Holly Sampson), hers (Joslyn James), hers (Mindy Lawton) ... alright, alright, you get the idea."

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