Jan 19, 2010

Mike Weir Trades For Canadian Cameron Convention "Mountie" head cover

 Ever so often you come across a story like this one perusing the many gl fforums I frequent and you just kind of shake your head and say "that's f#+**$ cool!"

So a moderator over at Cameron Collector has apparently been trying to trade a Canadian Cameron Convention "Mountie" head cover for Mike Weir's gamed one ( a one of a kind maple leaf head cover).
Apparently he wanted to give the head cover to one of the lads on the forum that heads up the Canadian Cameron Convention and would pretty much wet himself if he got Weirsy head cover.

Well if you head on over to Cameron Collector:

He pulled it off at this weeks Bob Hope Classic and here's the pictures to go along with the story. Now I wish The Golf Channel would carry stories like this one instead of those crazy infomercials about diet supplements. Now I just have to get some video of the new head cover in Mike's bag at this week's Hope.

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