Feb 20, 2010

Crazy Action, Weather, Shots At Accenture Match Play

oulter vs. Garcia, Casey vs. Villegas in the semifinals at Dove Mountain. Does sit get any better than match play. Some quick observations from watching the semi finals of the match play outside of Tuscon. Reminds me of golfing in the Fall here in Ottawa.

  • Casey's 100 yd. 5 iron God I've been there.
  • 9 iron worm burner by Camilo did he mean to do it (me think not)
  • Sergio's shank to the middle of the pond on the par 3 (Cold hands eh! Sergio)

I love the coverage on CBS. With the commentary from Nick Faldo, David Fehery, Peter Kostis, Jim Nantz and Gary McCord and it keeps it interesting. Although it must be weirs for Kostis, Casey is his student. Not like the crazy Golf Channel with all the infomercials, ads for prenatal vitamins, Viagra, and general crap. I won't talk about the on air personalities.

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