Feb 16, 2010

Scratch Golf Adds 2 LPGA Golfers To Their Tour Staff

Ari Ari Techner the President/CEO of Scratch Golf has posted on various golf fourms about two new LPGA Tour Staff signings. Here's the scoop from Scratch Golf:

Scratch Golf is proud to announce 2 huge additions to our Tour Staff!

Top LPGA players Cristie Kerr and Paige Mackenzie are now officially Scratch Golf Staff Touring Professionals!

Cristie has been playing our wedges for a little over a year because she believes that they help her play her best. She had her best year on Tour ever last year playing our wedges after really struggling with her short game the previous couple years. She is now an official Scratch Staff player! We will have our logo on the ball pocket of her bag and she will be playing our wedges and is working with an EZ-1/AR-1 combo set to play this year.

Paige Mackenzie is brand new to the Scratch family. She is going to be carrying one of our Scratch Staff bags similar to the one that Ryan Moore is carrying on the PGA Tour. She is playing our wedges and a special custom set of AR-1 irons with lofts on the bottom instead of numbers. She is also planning to come to our shop to work with Jeff on a custom putter to use in 2010. She will also be wearing a Scratch Golf hat.

Scratch Golf continues to not pay Tour Players up front to play our clubs. Both Cristie and Paige have an incentive program where they can win extra money by winning Tour events.

Please help us root on Cristie and Paige to a fantastic 2010!


We have also added Nationwide Tour player Andres Gonzalez and Teaching Professional Troy Denton to our Tour Staff. Andres will be carrying a Scratch Staff bag and playing our wedges and SB-1 irons and a Jeff McCoy putter on the Nationwide Tour this year. Troy is Ryan Moore's personal teacher and he will also be carrying our wedges and SB-1 irons and Jeff McCoy putter in a Scratch Staff Bag. Troy also plays in select Nationwide and Mini Tour events and has qualified for USGA Championships in the past. Both Andres and Troy are former college teammates of Ryan's.

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