Feb 12, 2010

Spring Golf=Kikkor Golf Shoes

See my full review of some Kikkor Eppik Blaze golf shoes.

Yesterday I had the pleasure of talking to James Lepp, a good Canadian kid from Abbotsford , B.C. You may remember James, not to long ago he became the first Canadian golfer to win the NCAA Division 1 Individual Golf Championship (2005). He still gets out to play on occasion on the Canadian Tour but after having a chat with him, his passion is his company Kikkor Golf.

Right now James who is the Founder and President of Kikkor Golf is in the midst of gearing up for the launch of his golf shoe line that boasts, "Are you still wearing your Dad's shoes". The Kikkor shoe line looks like something you'd see more at the skateboard park then on the links. His shoes are different and that's ok, an alternative to those lame ass plain white golf shoes you see so often out on the course. Now you have a choice, get your Kikks!

He's had some great feedback so far from various individuals in the Golfing World and it looks like the shoes will be making there way to pro shops and retail stores in the Spring (James says probably April). Where comfort is key in a golf shoe the Kikkor shoe pulls no punches. "Kikkors are young, fresh, comfortable, and just as important, they perform well too".

Look for a review by Ottawa Golf Blog in the Spring. Now check out some pictures below of the full line of Kikkor golf shoes.


SpyGolfer - Spy Golf Blog said...

Pretty cool. Any tour players wearing them yet? Or mini tour?

Ottawa Golf Blog said...

From James Lepp:
"We’re still workin on players to rock the shoes. We’ll have something lined up by the time they’re officially launched."