Feb 19, 2010

Tiger Wood's Speech -What did you think?

Just finished watching the speech by Tiger Woods and all I can say is way to scripted and robotic. He made lots of apologies but with not a lot of emotion. I would of been a mess. He did however show lots of emotion right at the end of his speech and he hugged his Mom and Notah Begay and others. It was great to see him finally and talk about what has been going on but less script would of been nice what do you expect for speech I guess. Yes there was sincerity but looking like a soap opera actor in front of a podium wasn't all that great. More emotion would of been good.

Good to hear he's heading back to therapy. No real indication on when he'll return. Will probably be awhile from all indications from his speech.

"I do plan to return to golf one day," he said. "I just don't know when that day will be."
A nice change from the normal golf Channel coverage during the day of Cialis, Viagra and herbal colon cleansing ads. So what did you think of Tiger Woods speech. Good, Bad, Ugly?


Anonymous said...

I think he is sorry that he got caught and is losing out on his money

Anonymous said...

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Yeah, this is really some refreshment ... OMG Tiger What did you think?

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