Feb 7, 2010

Won't Get Fooled Again - Super Bowl Highlights

I don't follow the NFL like I use to but when it comes to the Super Bowl I have to make sure I tune in on Super Bowl Sunday. I usually cheer for the underdog, so Go Saints Go. One great thing about the Super Bowl is the commercials between the actual plays of the game. You have to make sure you get the American feed because like I say if the game sucks at least the commercials are funny especially the Bud Light ones. Not a great bear but some real funny commercials. Your not going to get some crazy what are blackheads commercials your going to get great beer ads and some other classic commercials.

The other great thing about the Super Bowl is the half time show with the Who putting on a great performance of their hits. I haven't seen them in years, back in the 80s saw then in Toronto. Great stuff by the Who and can't wait for the HBO min-series The Pacific. Back to the game.

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