Mar 25, 2010

Golfing Caddy - Initial Thoughts

If your like me you've lost your water container out on the course a few times. Sometimes you get it back other times not so lucky. For me I like having it easily available in one of my two side pockets on my bag or the front pocket but unfortunately the last few seasons I've gone through a hell of a lot of water bottles. Not to bad if they're the throw away type of bottle (recycle of course) but when they're the nice BPA reusable water bottles it's a little annoying when your replacing them all the time.

My prayers may have been answer with The Golfing Caddy a multi-compartment beverage holder that can clip to my golf bag and hopefully end the loss of water containers. You can see by the photos below it easily clipped to my Ogio golf bag. The clip seems real sturdy and I can't see it coming off. There's also another clip for your keys on the Golfing Caddy

The Caddy easily held a standard bottle of water as well as a larger container of water as seen by the pictures. A  24 oz. container is the max. (There's a water bottle cooler sleeve included).

Two other pockets are located on the Caddy as well one a pleated front pocket with can hold your personal items (driver’s license and money) or game essentials (ball markers, extra tees, etc.) Easily held together with a Velcro closure. The other pocket is an elastic back pouch which could hold a cell phone, glasses, golf balls, gloves etc.

Also on the Caddy there's a removable Microfiber towel. I hope to get this tested out and reviewed out on the course real soon as more and more courses open up in the area. Stay tuned for a full review.


Laptop Online Shop said...

Where is the golving caddy..??

Anonymous said...

Could you tell me is lack of flexibility affecting my golf swing? It is correct? I find it on and want to know it is right?

golf said...

it's interesting. could you write more about it?

Ottawa Golf Blog said...

Full review to follow as soon as I get a few rounds in with it. Stay tuned.