Apr 20, 2010

Kikks On The Way, Ochoa Retires, Flag My Fairway and Slammer Tour

Here's a few things that have come across my desk in the last while:

Pretty excited to do the review of these bad boys. James Lepp from Kikkor Golf just let me know a pair of size 12 Eppik Blaze Kikks are on their way to Ottawa Golf Blog. Stay tuned for the full review. Why not check out Kikkor on Twitter, Facebook and YouTube in the meantime. Some of the YouTube videos are just great.

Wow! World #1 Lorena Ochoa retires not a big surprise because we eventually knew she would with getting married recently and wanting to start a family. It still comes as a shock and a bit of a blow to the LPGA which is struggling in these economic times. GL Lorena!

"Personally, it's more important the things that I do outside the golf course," Ochoa said last year before a tournament she hosts in her hometown of Guadalajara. "And that's been my main focus right now."

On a local front the Slammer Tour is in full swing and already has 18 outdoor events in the books and it's only April 20th. Be sure to check out the next event at the Slammer Tour website right hand corner. You can also see who's leading in the rankings and maybe sign up for the next match play event.

Flag My Fairway has just started out here in the region and it seems to be a great idea to check on the conditions and comment on the conditions of local golf courses. We just need more people entering the conditions of local courses. So after playing a round be sure to head over to Flag My Fairway and enter the conditions.

Trendy Golf sent me an email about exclusively carrying the brand Peak Performance in the US now. I really know nothing of the brand but from looking at their apparel on Trendy's site you can definitely see the European/Scandinavian flare with the design and colors used in there apparel. Might be worth looking into.
Peak Performance promotes active lifestyle that produces technical garments to enable the sportsman to perform at the highest level.

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Nike Drivers said...

Wow these things are pretty cool looking, not sure they will be accepted by golf traditionalists but I'd be willing to wear them for a round