Jun 9, 2010

Quagmire Golf's Apparel Appears In Tiger Woods PGA Tour 11

Ok so how many of you rushed out to get Tiger Woods PGA Tour 11 yesterday. I haven't as of yet but I know it's inevitable having just got a Nintendo Wii. Hopefully I can pry the controller away from my kids for a few moments. If you've played it yet you'll notice a little Canadian content in the form of Canadian Apparel Company Quagmire Golf. Check out the pictures below for a taste at what you can create for your golfer. Now another reason to get the game, I can't wait to outfit my golfer in the latest Quagmire gear. Nice score for Geoff and Bobby from Quagmire. Congrats.

Also check out this funny Hockey Meets Golf Video featuring Ian Poulter. I wonder if  Ian has ever played hockey before.

More information about the video: “Hockey Meets Golf with Ian Poulter” is part of the online video series “Team Sports Meets Golf,” which showcases Tiger Woods and other pro golfers from the US and Europe attempting shots in a variety of unexpected team sports environments like soccer, basketball, and hockey. The online video series highlight two key enhancements to this year’s Tiger Woods PGA Tour 11 – the Ryder Cup and team golf. 

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