Jul 25, 2010

Custom Bumper Sticker By BuildASign.com

Ottawa Golf Blog designs his own custom bumper sticker!

Who doesn’t like a good ole bumper sticker. Some are quite thought provoking others just down right funny. I know on my recent trip to PEI and New Brunswick I saw lots as I logged over 4000 km over 2+ weeks on a family vacation.

Well how about designing my own bumper sticker for my blog. Well thanks to Jared over at BuildASign.com I got the chance to design my own bumper sticker for Ottawa Golf Blog using an online template system from BuildASign.com. Jared had enjoyed my article on the Puma Cell Fusion Special Edition Shoes and wanted me to try out the Build A Sign system and design a bumper sticker to give away on my blog.

Of course I jumped at the chance at trying out the process. For me customizing and personalizing was a great option for my blog. I wanted to be different and I wanted to be able to upload one of my favorite images. So here’s how it went.

I used a sports template then completely modified it to my liking. I changed the font to a different style (Aardvark Cafe) made it larger (32) and then uploaded the image I wanted to display on the bumper sticker (Bond Golfer). I do come from a web graphics background so using the online system was real easy for me. After centering the graphic and text I had my own custom design completed in less than 5 minutes.

Build A Sign makes it pretty easy for someone with little to no web knowledge to design their own bumper sticker. So don’t be scared design away!

On BuildASign.com you can custom design a ton of things. From various signs (real estate, parking, street, plywood) to banners and magnetic signs. A little something for everyone. For 50 custom bumper stickers it costs about $1.50 per bumper sticker. The more you buy the cheaper it is. So considering signage is one of the best ways of advertising. Probably a great return on investment.

When I returned from my vacation my bumper stickers were in the mail. They really turned out nice now comes the process of giving them out. Stay tuned for an upcoming contest.


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