Aug 21, 2010

Come Join The Golf Cult

Just before I left for my PEI vacation in July Steve from Golf Cult sent me two of his polos for a review. I had corresponded with Steve for awhile and was pumped to try out some of Golf Cult’s apparel. Firstly because they’re a Canadian golf apparel company and secondly I’d always admired the cool designs on their shirts. You also have to like a company that has the following mission statement:
Golf Cult’s Mission:
We make quality, functional Golf polos with bad ass designs on them. Golf Cult will take you from the Golf course to the social scene with attitude.

I can be a bad ass just like the next guy (I had the mullet back in the 80s) so here’s my views on Golf Cult’s apparel.

The first golf shirt Steve sent was a lighter Bamboo golf shirt with the "Fleur-de-GC" on the back. This "Bamboo-Flexi" polo is a blend of Bamboo, Organic Cotton and Spandex, a very soft fabric combination.

These polo shirts has a more modern fit, shorter sleeves with a fitted form. They are also 100% made in Canada, the fabrics are all treated and dyed in Canada. NAFTA friendly, with a low carbon foot print and sustainable fabrics.

Unfortunately the shirt didn’t fit me properly so I’ll be giving it away during the FedEx Cup Race coming up this week. So stay tuned for the contest announcement.

The other golf shirt Steve sent was a more traditional style golf shirt made from a 50/50 ring spun cotton/poly blend. A really comfortable polo shirt that fit great and was real soft to wear. Where this polo really shines is the amazing Double Wing graphic on the back of the golf shirt. The Double Wing graphic is Golf Cult’s signature design and I can see why as it truly makes a statement. I haven’t made any eagles while wearing the golf shirt but I’ve had lots of great comments from others loving the design.

I get to review lots of apparel but Golf Cult's designs really stand out. It's this distinctiveness that I really enjoyed. That and the it’s a great golf shirt to wear off the golf course as well (it has become one of my favorites).

Inspired by the Eagle and designed to put eagles on your score card. The eagle is the symbol of power, prestige, peace and friendship. This is not for the meek, you will be wearing power and confidence, let the masses know you have arrived.

I also like the fact Golf Cult realizes people want different fabric options for their golf shirts. Some guys fit the dry fit mold others like the cotton blends. So Golf Cult has decided to offer golf shirts with 3 different fabric options:

Dry-fit Poly
50/50 Cotton blends

3 fabrics to choose from, same designs on all, and 3 different price points. Something for every type of golfer. Nice one Golf Cult.

Be sure to follow Golf Cult on Twitter and Facebook as they’re always keen to get feedback about new products and designs. In the future Golf Cult will have a ladies line coming out in the Spring of 2011 call "Rebel Minx". They will also be expanding past just golf shirts and hats into a full line from top to bottom and outerwear for Golf Cult fans everywhere.

Check out this Golf Cult video I put together. There's two photos in the video of a guy crushing the golf ball that's Long drive crusher Winston Ahoy sponsored by Golf Cult.

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cant wait for the new spring line up.....hear its coming soon!