Aug 24, 2010

Quagmire Kids 2011 Apparel Gets Thumbs Up From My Kids

I don't know who was more excited me or my kids when Quagmire Golf introduced their 2011 Apparel Lines at last weeks Las Vegas PGA Fall Expo. My kids excited for the Quagmire kids clothes.  Me the crazy golfer for the Golf line and the new Quagmire Premium line.

I've always been amazed at the amount of stuff Quagmire produces every season and next season wow they have even more stuff. Quagmire's PR firm sent me over the 2011 catalog. Here's what the kids loved from the Quagmire Kids line.

  • Really thought the idea of golf shirts that changed colors was cool (ColorFusion thumbs up from a 9 and 7 year old girl, 2 and a half boy as well)
  • Loved all the colors especially the purple tye dye and orange combos (The girls)
  • Plaid Longboard shorts looked fun!
    • They hope the hats fit kid.
    • My little guy just loved the picture of the young kid with the club dressed in Quagmire (after showing him the catalog we hit balls outside for awhile)

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