Sep 28, 2010

Choose Your Ryder Cup Side - USA VS. Europe

V-RAD Rivalry Putter Grip Review

No other sporting event is quite like the Ryder Cup with the history, the competition, the intrigue, and the rivalry all rolled into three days of nail biting golf. Now you can show your allegiance to Team USA or Team Europe with Golf Pride’s newly redesigned V-RAD Rivalry putter grip designed specifically for the 2010 Ryder Cup coming up next week in Wales.

I'm giving away the Team USA grip I received from Golf Pride in my 'Rickie Fowler Is My Homeboy' Giveaway. Be sure to enter. I’ve been testing out the Team Europe grip on various greens here in the Ottawa area. Here’s my review of the Team Europe V-RAD Rivalry putter grip.

The Team Europe V-RAD grip features the colours of the European Flag. If you’ve seen the European flag, you know it’s pretty boring. It's nice to see Golf Pride incorporate the European flag tastefully on this grip. It looks great on my SeeMore Si1 - nice bright colors and design.

Although it is difficult to see in the photos, there are small raised stars all over the V-RAD Rivalry putter grip. This,along with the "advanced composite rubber", gives this grip a great texture and tackiness for enhanced feel on any length of putt. The grip is made in a semi-pistol shape and comes in regular size only (no oversize options at the moment).

The Ryder Cup inspired V-RAD grip was neither a downgrade or an upgrade from the Winn grip that was on my SeeMore Si1. That being said, I don’t plan on switching any time soon. I really like the design and tackiness of the grip and being able to show my allegiance to Team Europe. I’m surprised Golf Pride doesn’t offer a larger size V-RAD grip with all the customized options you can get with golf gear these days. At $7.99, the grip is very affordable so if you need a new putter grip or you’re just tired of your old one, check out the V-RAD Rivalry and at least guys will know what side you're on.

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