Nov 2, 2010

Gridiron Leather Golf Grip Gets Top Marks

Gridiron Grip Review - Leather Golf Grip
Best Grips Review
When you talk to most golfers about golf grips, they usually have one brand/type they prefer while others don't pay too much attention to their grips. For me, grips are very important - it’s what's between you and the club. I like a grip that has a good feel because I don’t wear a glove on my left hand.

Recently I was contacted by Harry Sewill, President of about testing one of their genuine leather golf grips. I jumped at the opportunity because I’ve never used a leather grip before and I wasn’t happy with the grips on my new Scratch wedges.

Using the sizing chart, Harry had no problem figuring out what size of Gridiron grip would be best for my wedges. He ended up sending 2 Gridiron grips (pro standard size and taper).

Harry is very knowledgeable when it comes to grips. Years ago when he was doing research for grip size 8/9, he found that most of the better players, ie. tour players, were putting more wraps under their dominant hand. He found 2/3 wraps were common although some players went as high as 8. Hence, the "pro standard" or "pro taper" nomenclature which is about 2 wraps under the dominant hand.

I’ve really enjoyed having the Gridiron grips on my 53 and 58 degree wedges. As far as looks go, top marks for in designing a great looking leather grip. They really accent the classic looking 8620s from Scratch Golf. They have a beautiful natural tackiness great for those of us who don’t wear a glove. The Gridiron grip is hand-stitched and comes with a baseball style stitch for a flat even seam. When you place your hands on the grip you get a nice even feel, much like when you grip a football to throw a nice spiral. In both warm and cool weather, they have performed great. If you're a feel player and you're looking at changing your grips, I’d suggest trying some leather grips from

As far as installation of leather grips from, I had them installed at my local Golf Town and most reputable golf techs will be able to install these leather grips. If you have any questions about installation, Best Grips has great help on their website or contact Best Grips directly.

The price for one is $16.00 USD. This price might steer some away from this type of grip but what I suggest is buying one for your favorite wedge and seeing how you like it and go from there. I’m sure you’ll be like me and will consider re-gripping all your clubs with leather grips from


GolfSpy X said...

Enjoyed the review ;)

Dexter Francois said...

Nice! I just went over to the site. I didn't notice though. Can they customize them? I would put the Bears logo on the grip. That would be cool.

Ottawa Golf Blog said...

Give Harry a call I'm pretty sure they can!

Callaway X22 Irons For Sale said...

I haven't really paid attention to golf grips but this article made me realize its importance. But this time, maybe I'll try using the leather grips from for my Callaway X22 Irons.

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Golf Buddy said...

With the price of everything going the way it is, $16 is not too steep. I've had Winn grips for a long time, but I might consider a change

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