Nov 19, 2010

Quagmire’s ColorFusion Goes Live After Nov. 29th

The wait is over for Quagmire’s ColorFusion shirts. Beginning November 29th you’ll be able to purchase online your favorite ColorFusion shirts. Just think what a great gift for Christmas and they’re not only for the golfer on your list (available for children and adults. $39.00 and up).

Designed to blow your mind, these crazy, state-of-the-art polos and t-shirts have fabrics and screen prints that change color in the heat or sunlight, depending on the style. Technically speaking, ColorFusion shirts will begin changing at 20° Celsius (that’s 68° Fahrenheit for Quagmire’s friends in the USA), and the screen prints that transform from UV rays will work best on bright sunny days. Unlike Hypercolor from the early 90’s, ColorFusion shirts are built to last – wash and dry them just as you would any of your clothes.

I'm completely blown away by Quagmire’s broad range of polos and t-shirts for men, women and kids with this unique ColorFusion technology. Quagmire has been busy the last few months marketing their 2011 Collection just follow them on Twitter and see the fun these guys have been having.

Quagmire ColourFusion has already been included in Golf Digest's Holiday Gift Guide as well as The Maxim Style & Grooming Guide. picked Quagmire and ColorFusion as a top 10 trend. Quagmire's 2011 collection can also be seen in GolfStyle's Forecast.

Can’t wait to see the rest of the 2011 Collection and do some reviews of their products! Great names as well Quagmire. Not Fit for the Fairway!

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