Dec 1, 2010

Sligo Wear Now available At Golf Town! Canadian Golfers Rejoice

I always like keeping track of my favorite golf brands. Very cool to see Sligo Wear post on their Twitter feed the following news for Canadians yesterday:

Always a fan of their designs and loved doing a review of their Spring Line.

Well over at The Hackers Paradise they made the announcement late last night:

Sligo Wear Inc is excited to announce that as of Dec 1, 2010 their customers will be able to purchase Sligo products in Golf Town across Canada. We are excited to be a part of the premium golf store chain in Canada". Sligo will now be more broadly available to those who are fans of their vibrant colors and trend setting designs.

Great news for Canadian golfers who don't want to go the online route to purchase Sligo Wear and now can head into one of the 52 Golf Town stores and try on their favorite Sligo apparel. Great for fans and soon to be fans.

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