Jan 22, 2011

Padraig Harrington DQ Video - 2011 Abu Dhabi HSBC Golf Championship

LMK what you think of the latest DQ in the World of Golf. Padraig Harrington was disqualified from the Abu Dhabi HSBC Golf Championship prior to his second round for signing an incorrect scorecard following his opening round on Thursday. Check out the video of the infraction(Rule 20-3a) and Padraig's reaction. Any good comments I may just shoot you a prize from my vault.
"On the seventh green, Padraig replaced his ball and as he began to remove his marker, his finger was seen on TV to brush the ball, causing it to move," said European Tour Senior Referee, Andy McFee. "The movement of the ball during the specific act of replacing it is covered by Rule 20-3a and there is no penalty to this movement, but the ball must be replaced. Because the ball was not replaced, there is a breach of Rule 20-3a, the penalty for which is two strokes. As this penalty was not included in the score for hole seven, Padraig was disqualified for a breach of Rule 6-6d, signing for the wrong score." Harrington said: "I was aware I hit the ball picking up my coin. I looked down at the time and was pretty sure it had just oscillated and had not moved, so I continued on. ... If I'd called a referee over it would have been pointless because if he'd asked me where my ball was I'd have said it was there. As far as I was concerned it didn't move."

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