Jan 15, 2011

SeeMore Putter Tour Pics - Seemore DB-4x, ONEcs, SB-2

When you look out the window and it's snowing and you need a golf fix. GolfWRX forum is one of my favorite bookmarks to fight the winter blahs. Reid, aka pitbull808 over at GolfWRX.COM posted some great photos of some SeeMore putters. If you frequent this blog you know I'm a big lover of my SeeMore putters and their designs. If you want a sneak peak of what SeeMore has to offer now and in the future check out the thread here. They've got pictures of the Black Si4 putter that I'm presently testing. Pictures of a Black Si1 and Si3 as well. The black finish looks to be a new finish for these putters this year. Here's a few prototypes making the rounds at the 2011 Sony Open putting green this week.

SeeMore DB-4x
SeeMore ONEcs
SeeMore SB-2
And here's some scoop on Zach Johnson's SeeMore putter.
......If you check out the Tuesday pics, there's also a new putter that just came out yesterday and is first seen anywhere here at GolfWRX. Jason unboxed it as it was flown from the factory to him to show at the Sony. He said the production would be in Carbon and he's waiting to get a black one made for Zach to test out.

Also..neat bit of info I picked up. The putter Zach Johnson is using currently is not the one he won the Masters with. I guess he wore out the old one so Seemore made a new one for him. Thing is..Zach's putter head is extremely light. They had to shave down the sole to get it to 315grams.
Zach Johnson w/ SeeMore Putter and Iliac golf shirt

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