Feb 22, 2011

Miura Forging Process Video Plus Review Of Series 1957 - C Grind Wedge

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Last summer got the chance to review a wedge from Miura. The Miura Wedge: Series 1957 - C Grind was a great wedge and quickly became my 100 yd. and in club. This video below, shot in fall of 2010, shows the highlights of a typical day at Miura. But what is typical in that work day yields results that are extraordinary."

"Follow a Miura iron from forge to factory -- from a billet of carefully selected, prime steel to a finished piece of industrial art, the highest expression of what a forged golf club should be.

In this brief video, you'll visit both the forge and factory that Katsuhiro Miura owns in Amaji, Japan, near the ancient city of Himeji. This region was for centuries the seat of samurai sword making, and it has grown into Japan's center of fine metal work. Here, Miura-san and his sons don't just supervise -- they get their hands into the work, every day, creating the subtle shapes and lines that define the very best in forged clubs.

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