Mar 29, 2011

Commence Drooling Nike Limited Edition Masters Golf Shoes and Balls

THP received a little package from Nike Golf today. The Hackers Paradise is noted for getting the latest and greatest stuff but Limited Edition Masters swag tops the heap. The Limited Edition Masters Edition Lunar Controls shoes look stunning. Although I've never worn Nike golf shoes before I'd certainly wear these with pride. Some people might just package these up and keep them as collectors items. What would you do?

I have to get some contacts at Nike to get sent this kind of swag. The Limited Edition Lunar Controls will be sold in a very limited quantity at the Our friends over at NG Nation also got a package today so be sure and check them out as well for all things Nike I'm sure there will be more related to the Masters.

There's also a Limited Edition Masters Edition of the Nike 20XI golf ball. You can't buy these but Nike are giving away sleeves of the Masters Edition golf ball during Masters week on their Facebook page.

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New York Synthetic Turf said...

Drooling commenced. These shoes are awesome. I want a pair.