Apr 1, 2011

MasterSaxon Tee Show Your Spirit

With the Masters next week our friends at Dirty Saxon released a MasterSaxon Tee today. Axel one of the owners and designers  explains on the Dirty Saxon blog what exactly is a MasterSaxon tee?
Just a basic, good quality, soft t-shirt that has the spirit of the Masters in its color, but that you can wear anytime you want.

Also check out the DS blog as Axel talks about his experience at the Masters and gives his predictions for the winner this year. I've got a XL green headed to Canada.  They come in red as well. $20 well spent for Masters t-shirt. Get yours now for Masters week.

Recently I had the pleasure to ask Jenna and Axel from Dirty Saxon a few questions. Here's the scoop.

How did Dirty Saxon start out?
DS began in November 2009. Axel and I were sitting discussing golf apparel. It was not a serious idea to begin with, but the more we talked about it, the more exciting and plausible the idea became. As for the name, Axel was rooming with two other golfers - one from England and one from Scotland - and got into the habit of calling them "dirty saxons". They, in turn, would refer to him as "dirty gaucho" as he's from Buenos Aires, Argentina. When Axel and I were brainstorming, I threw out the suggestion of calling the brand DirtySaxon. We both agreed on the name and the logo. The British flag is a strong symbol that supports our premiere line of shirts which are modeled after courses on the British Open rotation. "Saxon" also ties heavily into the history and traditions of golf which are standards DS adheres to in our design.

Where do the design ideas come for your shirts?
Axel is the designer for DS. His inspirations range from his father's and grandfather's vintage soft polos with four-button plackets to the bright, bold colors and constant movement of Buenos Aires. As far as style icons: Payne Stewart & Jack Nicklaus and brands we relate to: Fairway & Greene, Nicklaus, and Peter Millar. Also, Axel takes a lot of his inspiration from the clothing of the late 70s and 80s in general.

What makes Dirty Saxon shirts different from all the other golf shirts out there?
Our combination of contemporary colors with vintage detail and fit. It takes confidence to wear a DS shirt and we hope that reflects on our consumers' character.

Any chance of seeing a player on the PGA Tour or maybe the Nationwide Tour decked out in Dirty Saxon?
No news yet - we have a couple of friends playing on the Hooters tour, but we're not to that point yet.

What are the plans for 2011 for Dirty Saxon?
To become more established. We're still getting our feel set and everything is a learning lesson! DS will release some t-shirts and, hopefully, some new designs for fall. We're just trying to remain focused on establishing ourselves, which is difficult as a start-up. In the future, we are hoping that we will have an opportunity to work with an investor(s) so that DS can expand into a full line.

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