Apr 20, 2011

The Timeless Swing Review

Reading “The Timeless Swing” was like having Tom Watson in your back pocket when your playing golf. What better person to help a hacker out especially at the beginning of the golf season then Tom Watson.

Nothing much has changed with Tom Watson simple golf swing since his Major wins, hell he almost won the 2009 Open Championship if not for a bad bounce. Everyone regardless of their golf ability can learn something from his book “The Timeless Swing”.

One of the great things about this book was Dom Furore’s fantastic color photos. Having larger detailed pictures of what Tom Watson is trying to convey in each of his lessons was perfect. There’s one thing to talk about a certain swing mechanic or tip but to have great pictures to go along with it is a big help for those that need a more visual presentation.

Tom along with Nick Seitz uses short, informative and easy to understand lessons for each area Tom feels is important to your swing and fundamentals. I found each chapter was just the right length not getting overly technical. Sometimes to much info can be a little overwhelming when it comes to the golf swing. 

A nice bonus in the book is the enhanced videos for Smartphone users. For those wanting more visual presentation of certain elements Watson is trying to get across download the app then point your Smartphone’s camera at the Microsoft tag on the page to see the video. Great stuff!

My favorite chapters in the book:

Chapter 2 Pre-Swing Basics -These are always a good refresher when your swing gets a little off.

Chapter 6 Drills For A Better Swing -When you can’t get out and play these drills will make your next round more enjoyable.

Visually speaking Chapter 7 is great as well with a series of four views of Tom Watson’s “Timeless Swing”. Up The Line, Down The Line, Face On,  and From Behind.

The book retails for $34.99 CDN and can be found at many retailers including Amazon.ca and Chapters. It can also be purchased through eBook. I suggest picking it up you’ll end up saving that amount in golf balls guaranteed.

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