May 7, 2011

Goodbye Seve you will be missed.

AdiĆ³s Usted Seve se puede perder. A tribute to Seve through videos.

1983 Masters - Seve Ballesteros - Final Green  

Amazing golf shot - Ballesteros on his knees

Seve Ballesteros 13th Fairway approach shot 1986 Masters


Transitions Mini-Golf said...

Is something up with this post? When I see it on the front page with all the other posts, the first video is doubled in the second video spot, and the third video is showing up as the "rope it" video. when I click the post title, then the videos all work fine. but when I got back to the main page, they get all mixed up again.. Anyways, just a heads up! hope that's not happening for anyone else. Good post by the way. Seve will be missed..

Ottawa Golf Blog said...

Thanks Transitions I think I've corrected the problem. Definitely some weird stuff!