Jun 29, 2011

Kikkor Golf Shoe Review - These Kikks Deliver Big Time

Last year I had the chance to test out the first generation of golf shoes from Kikkor Golf and came away impressed. For the last two months I’ve had the chance to test out Kikkor’s 2011 offering the Retro WP in White Polar at various golf courses in the Ottawa area. Here’s my take on Kikkor 2.0.


This is where Kikkor seems to stand out from the crowd as far as non-traditional golf shoes go. The White Polar Retro WP look is amazing, a running shoe like design with just the right amount of bling. Black Kikkor logo on the side and three black rivets on the heel of the shoe are just the right amount of accents. The Kikkor loop on the back of the shoe is a nice touch as well. The Retro WP comes with both white and black laces to mix it up when you want. The Retro WP also comes in Black Fusion, Black Knight and White Malibu.


Although they didn’t have as much Kikkor Komfort Foam as the Eppik I reviewed last year. These shoes are a different design and still had the right amount of cushion for a smooth fit right out of the box. Haven’t had any blisters, no wear areas or discomfort at all.

I get many questions on the course about these shoes. People usually wonder if they are heavy being that my Retro WPs are size 12. With all the technology going on in these shoes with high tech foam, insole and midsole. The WPs are extremely lightweight great for those hot Summer rounds. My feet never got tired during a round I can’t say that about the rest of me though. The Retro WPs have Champ Q Lok Scorpion™ spikes with built in Kikkor Grippors which grip the ground amazingly during the golf swing and walking the course. Just make sure you clean them after every round because they can get quite clogged with grass.


After wearing the Retro WPs for a little over two months I can honestly say these are the real deal. They are a great lightweight alternative to the “norm” when it comes to golf shoes. Kept my feet cool, comfortable and dry. Considering the wet Spring we had here in Ottawa that says a lot. Loved the color combination of the WPs but if white and black isn’t your thing Kikkor has many more colors and designs to choose from, pretty good for a company that just started producing golf shoes two years ago. The Kikkor 2011 line ranges from $95 to $135. The Kikkor Retro WP are price at $115 which is very competitive with similar golf shoes. Sold online at Kikkor.com or at a dealer near youClick on my Kikkor Promo Ad for an additional savings on your Kikks. Check them out you won't be disappointed.

Kikkor Retro WP Specs:
// Speed-fit lasting for supportive contouring
// Kikkor Komfort Foam Technology™
// Hyper-light Phylon midsole
// Champ Q Lok Scorpion™ spikes with built in Kikkor Grippors™
// Polyurethane insole for nearly illegal levels of comfort
// Premium action leather
// 1 year limited waterproof warranty

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