Nov 2, 2011

Cobra Golf Gets It Right With Relaunch Of Trusty Rusty...In Rust We Trust

The day after Halloween I got a package dropped off by my friendly neighborhood UPS driver. Enclosed a sample of the new Trusty Rusty from Cobra Golf with it's Tri-Bounce sole, all black finish and True Temper Dark Steel Shaft this is one wedge that screams to be hit. So far I've had it out once on the golf course and I've been impressed already with it's versatility, amazing out of the sand. Stay tuned for the full review and some press releases from Puma/Cobra Golf. Press Release:


Trusty Rusty Wedges are Back

CARLSBAD, CA (November 3, 2011) – Get ready for chipping, cheers and fist pumps - COBRA is bringing back the Trusty Rusty wedges. The fan favorite is back in three style-defying cosmetics that rust over time for versatility, enhanced feel and shot making.

The Trusty Rusty wedges come in three finishes: an all over pre-rusted finish, satin finish with pre-rusted hitting area and black PVD. Each features a non-plated finish that is 7% softer than chrome and will rust more over time, promoting maximum allowable spin and enhanced feel. The True Temper Dynamic Gold S200 shaft has been painted black with non-glare coating and precision laser engraving for a striking look.

“Golfers of all abilities looking for enhanced feel and versatility should use the Trusty Rusty wedges,” commented Tom Preece, Vice President of Club Research and Development at COBRA PUMA GOLF. “We used 100% Raw, unplated 8620 Carbon Steel which rusts over time for enhanced feel, shot making and versatility.”

COBRA partnered up once again with short-game guru Phil Rodgers for the development of the Trusty Rusty wedges. Using Phil’s expertise, the successful attributes of the original Trusty Rusty and new technology, COBRA created the modernized Trusty Rusty; complete with non-plated finishes, Tri-Bounce sole, laser precision technology – and they conform to the 2010 USGA/R&A Groove Rule.

“COBRA’s first Trusty Rusty wedges were loved by golfers everywhere,” said Bob Philion, President, COBRA PUMA GOLF. “We frequently get requests from our consumers and Tour Players to bring these back. We’re excited to be expanding into a new category, revitalizing the Trusty Rusty name with new finishes and improved technology. Our Tour Players already love the wedges and you’ll see quite a few in their bags on Tour.”

A unique and personal wedge cosmetic will develop over time as the Trusty Rusty rusts, benefiting the golfer by providing improved feel.  While the wedges will rust on their own, there are ways to speed up the rusting. COBRA will share ways the wedges can rust faster and invites consumers to share their tricks by joining the conversation on our Twitter handle, @cobragolf using the hashtag #InRustWeTrust.

COBRA Trusty Rusty Wedges Technology
The COBRA Trusty Rusty Wedges are made with 100% raw, unplated 8620 carbon steel that will rust over time. The Tri-Bounce Sole with rear scallop provides enough bounce for forgiveness but keeps the leading edge height low so golfers can get underneath the ball. The Lamkin 3GEN® Grip has improved vibration damping, stays soft and tacky in all playing conditions and does not absorb moisture. A longer length with less taper allows for consistent feel when golfers need to choke down on close shots.
  Tri-Bounce Sole with Rear Scallop
  • Higher bounce in the center with relief in the heel and toe optimizes performance for long, medium and short/flop shots
   Laser Precision Technology
  • Patent-pending aggressive machined grooves with post-laser milling. Features four distinct surface roughnesses that result in maximum allowable spin
   Specialty Rusted Finishes
  • Promotes maximum allowable spin and enhanced feel with non-plated finishes that rust over time.

The Trusty Rusty Wedges (MSRP $129) are available in men’s right handed lofts of 49°, 51°, 53°, 55°, 57°, 59° and 61° with a True Temper Dynamic Gold S200 shaft. Left-handed lofts of 51°, 53°, 55°, 59° and 61° are available as well.

The Trusty Rusty will be available at retail December 9th, 2011.

For more information on the COBRA Trusty Rusty wedges and additional COBRA products, visit us at Stay up to date with the latest products, events and COBRA Tour athletes at and on our Twitter handle: @cobragolf


Golfudstyr said...

"in rust we trust" <-- thats funny :-)

Costa Rica Condos said...

Its interesting that COBRA is bringing back the Trusty Rusty wedges...