Nov 12, 2011

Presidents Cup Pool - Enter Now Starts This Week!

Séamus Maher from Go For The Green Golf Pools always runs great golf pools. I really can't count how many I've been involved in this year. Great fun and you can win some cash for golf or other fun habits.This coming week is no different for the Presidents Cup.

The pool covers the Presidents Cup which consists of the following formats :
Date Tournament Results
November 17th Thursday Foursomes
November 18th Friday Fourball
November 19th Saturday Morning Foursomes
November 19th Saturday Afternoon Fourball
November 20th Sunday Singles

This one is going to require skill as usual. Each person has to make 6 Player selections regardless of side along with a Team selection. Points are awarded as follows:

Points are based on individual player performance in all events. In Singles, players receive 2 pts for a win and 1 pt for a half. In both Foursomes and Fourball, players receive 1 pt for a win and 0.5 pt for a half.
Team points are based on the Final Presidents Cup standings and you will receive the corresponding points of the team side selected. Example: International 19.5 pts vs USA 14.5 pts.
The top 3 contestants at the end of play, based on their aggregate points from their selections (player & team) relative to the other contestants will be the Final Prize winners.
The Prize payouts, will be as follows:

* First Place 50%
* Second Place 30%
* Third Place 20%
If 3 or more tie for first the prize payout will be split amongst all who tie.

So get your picks in now for your chance to win some cash. Back up your picks by entering this fun pool. So far Séamus says there's about 20 people with more straggling in as we speak.


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