Jul 29, 2012

Kikkor Shoes Shine Pure On Cape Breton Golf Adventure

Kikkor Pure Shoe Review

What better way to test out some golf shoes then to wear them for 5 rounds of golf in 6 days. That's exactly what I did with a pair of Kikkor Pure - Black Eagle Golf Shoes while golf vacationing on Cape Breton Island earlier this month. I've done a few Kikkor Shoe Reviews previously but was excited to take these on the road for an intense Cabot Breton golf experience.

I had the pleasure of testing out my Kikkor Pure's at The Lakes Golf Club, Highlands Links, Le Portage Golf Club and for two rounds at Cabot Links.

The Pure's classic wing-tip toe design is just downright cool looking. I definitely fell in love with the classic look and it has since become my favorite golf shoe. During my golf adventure in Cape Breton I had many people on and off the course ask me about the Pure Black Eagle. People really liked the look and many asked where they could get them. Although they have that classic look the Kikkor Pure definitely has plenty of modern technology to stand up to other non traditional spiked shoes.

For me the Kikkor Shoes just keep getting better in the comfort department. With the added Kikkor Komfort Foam Technology in tongue and collar and the two sets of insoles (one thick, one thinner) you can customize these golf shoes to your liking. On the course amazingly comfortable and lightweight whether I was walking at Cabot Links or lounging at their outdoor patio the Pure's get top marks in the comfort/feel department.

What better way to test out the performance of a golf shoe then to expose them to the gamete of East Coast Summer Weather; sun, wind, rain, cool, hot, and damp conditions. The Pure was the first Kikkor shoe that I've reviewed that didn't have traditional spikes so I was very curious at how Kikkor’s Diacon Embedded Spike System would perform as far as traction goes.

For the most part Kikkor’s Diacon Embedded Spike System performed well although during my round at Highlands Links. It did rain on and off and with the added moisture I did have a few instances of slippage. Both on the tee and during some uphill and side hill lies.

On the other end of the spectrum Le Portage Golf Club hadn't received any rain in 6 weeks when I laced up my Kikkor Pure's for a round with Dave the GM and members Keith and Richard. The Pure's handled the drier conditions with ease.

Kikkor has a wide variety of shoes available on their website and the Kikkor Pure - Black Eagle shoe falls around the middle ground in price at $109. A great value considering they have a full grain leather upper and Kikkor offers a one-year waterproof warranty. Kikkor also throws in two sets of laces and two sets of insoles (2 sets for neutral or wide fit).

If your a regular reader of my blog you know I love what James Lepp and his company Kikkor Golf have been doing the last three years they only seem to be getting better with age and that's great for golfers looking for a great quality golf shoe. Although I did experience some slippage during my round at Highlands Links the Pure is still one of my favorite golf shoes and has become my go to golf shoe.

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What a great trip. Thank you for an interesting blog.