Sep 25, 2012

What's Your Winter Golf Getaway

Fall is great time for golf in the Ottawa area but unfortunately after Fall comes Winter and we don't get to golf once the snow flies here in Ottawa. Most golfers then flip the switch and start to plan their trips to sunny golf vacation destinations. Florida, Arizona and South Carolina being the most popular destinations.

A few years ago I had the chance to visit the US and British Virgin Islands but didn't golf this year I might be heading there again. Golf will be on the menu. Nothing like swinging the club in the warmth of the Caribbean when there's 3 feet of snow back home.

What places are on your bucket list to play in the Winter off season? For me to play golf in Phuket Thailand or maybe hit the links in New Zealand would be high on that list. I'd also have to put Hawaii on that list as well. I don't no whether it's from watching Hawaii-Five-O but man Hawaii is beautiful, golf courses look amazing too.


Jordan J. Caron said...


This isn't what most people dream up of a winter getaway but I'm heading to Bandon Dunes. I'm thinking late November/early December. Fees are less and the weather will be more links like I'm sure.

Doug Farrick said...

Not sure about the comment above. It's often cheaper for us East Coasters to go to Europe than it is to go to the US West coast. Just last year I got a crazy deal to play on the gold coast in Spain (for a crazy low price)