Oct 14, 2012

Would You Pay $500 For Golf?

On Twitter recently I picked up a new follower LasVegasCanuck who got me thinking just from asking him one simple question. What's your Favorite course in ?
I still haven't made it to Vegas yet so I was intrigued at what LasVegasCanuck answer would be.

So of course I had to look up Cascata Golf Course and wow is all I can say from a golfer who's never golfed in the desert. Cascata with it's canyons, rock outcroppings and man-made waterfalls is beautiful. Plus it's away from the main Las Vegas strip in Boulder City. But at $500 would you fork out the cash to play?
For me I would definitely because it would be a once in a life time golfing experience. Having never played golf in the desert I think Cascata Golf Course would be memorable for years to come.

 Cascata Golf Course Definitely Out In The Desert

Now LasVegasCanuck also mentioned Rio Secco Golf Club which looks amazing as well and not quite $500. Home of Butch Harmon School of Golf and T-Mate Caddies. Rio Secco has some great Las Vegas views.

Be sure and follow LasVegasCanuck he's great at answering questions about Vegas (has worked there almost 10 years and his home course is Rhodes Ranch Golf Club) plus it's from a Canadian perspective eh. Cheers!

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