Nov 9, 2012

Monogrammed Golf Balls Review

Lately I’ve been receiving many emails about different companies being able to monogram your golf ball. I see it as a big push for the holiday season. Golfers love getting golf related gear for Christmas right!

A chance encounter recently on Twitter got me talking with Chris Monroe from Monogrammed Golf Chris and his new start up company seem to be doing things right when it comes to customizing your golf ball. Monogrammed Golf Balls website is set up perfect for the user to customize his or her golf ball. In 3 easy steps Monogrammed Golf  churns out Monogrammed golf balls made to order.

Monogrammed Golf is simple to use:

Choose your type of ball
Nike at $1.50, Callaway at $2.50, or Titleist ProV1s at $4.00

Then select your initials, the order and the color for those initials.

Then comes the fun part of choosing which of the 6 styles of monograms Monogrammed Golf has to offer.

Once you’ve selected the style you can preview it right online. Change the color, play with the monogram styles. A great way to play around with different combinations until you find the one you want.

You can order 1 dozen customized golf balls or how every many you need. Monogrammed Golf can do small and large batches.

Once you’re happy with your order you can pay by PayPal (which I love) or all major Credit Cards (Visa, MasterCard, Amex). The price of a dozen monogrammed ProV1s is not cheap at $4.00/ball x 12 and  Monogramming at $ 2.50/ball x 12 your total will run you $78.00 plus shipping. This is the high end ball choice of course but still a great customized gift for the golfer in your life.

MGB at this moment only ships to the USA using FedEx but plans are in the works to ship to Canada within the month. 

The ProV1s I order turned out amazing, my favorite being my kids first initials (GEM) with the Circle Monogram Style. My initials and Ottawa Golf Blog (OGB) turned out great as well. I already know the next color I want to try out.

I've only had the chance to test out the ball during one round of golf and the monogrammed held up great I look forward to many more rounds with my Monogrammed Golf Balls.

Please be sure and follow Monogrammed Golf Balls on Twitter and Facebook. They like giving away Monogrammed Golf Balls all the time.

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