Dec 4, 2012

Weather Tease - Off Season Golf Plans

So here in the Ottawa area we recently had a brush with old man winter. For us diehard golfers that pretty much ends our season of golf. With snow on the fairways it was time to clean the clubs and put away the bag for another season. Today the inevitable happens, the ultimate tease you might say. A warm front goes through melts the snow and today the temperature goes up to 15 degrees. Golf angst!

Today would of been a great day to golf between the intermittent showers and the sunny breaks it was downright amazing. As I was doing my full-time job delivering the mail  I couldn't help but check out the fairways of the course that my route weaves in and out of. I'm sure many diehard golfers were feeling the same way as I was today.

So no courses magically opened so no golf was played. My plans are now in full swing to line up places to play during the off season. My main focus is putting together a few teams for the 2013 Amateur Team World Cup in Dublin this Spring. Playing the following courses wold be amazing: Portmarnock Golf Club, Druids Glen, Killeen Castle, The K Club Palmer Course.

I've spoken to a contact outside of Phoenix and Arizona could be a destination I'll be packing my bags/clubs for this Winter. Bandon Dunes Resort is also on my list after visiting Cabot Links this Summer this golf mecca with Bandon Dunes, Pacific Dunes, Bandon Trails, Old MacDonald, and Bandon Preserve has made me crave some West Coast Links.

My father-in-law just got back from a Mediterranean Cruise and he was talking about all the great golf courses some other golfers on the cruise were talking about. Portugal, Spain, Ferienwohnung Italien and France were a few of the favorite golf destinations. Most golfers justed booked there tee times online and got great rates. They even got to book Algarve golf courses and some other high end courses. This part of Europe could defintely be on the list of off season golf destinations.

What are you planning?

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