Jan 16, 2013

GolfLogix, World’s No. 1 Golf App, Surpasses 2 Million Active Members

One of the two GPS apps that I use out on the golf course GolfLogix, the No. 1 App for Golf, has exceeded two million active members, furthering its position as the golf industry’s most-downloaded smartphone app. If you've never used a GPS smartphone app try GolfLogix you wont be disappointed.

GolfLogix  World’s No. 1 Golf App, Surpasses 2 Million Active Members
Precise GPS Distances, Statistical Analysis, Instruction Tips and Product Discounts Benefit
‘World’s Largest Golf Club' Community
(SCOTTSDALE, AZ) – GolfLogix – the No. 1 Golf App and a global leader in GPS and club-tracking technology – announces that it has exceeded two million active members, furthering its position as the golf industry’s most-downloaded smartphone app.

The pioneer of GPS for the golf industry, GolfLogix launched its award-winning app in mid-2009. Within weeks of its debut, it ranked among the most popular sports applications. To this day, it consistently tops the category with the most downloads and active users.
“With more than two million members, we’re the ‘World’s Largest Golf Club’ because players crave the amazing array of features our app contains – including precise GPS distances, Golf Digest game analysis and exceptional Golfsmith product discounts,” says Pete Charleston, President of GolfLogix. “With thousands of new golfers downloading our app and joining our community daily, our eye is on quickly welcoming our three-millionth member.”

Easily downloaded for free from www.GolfLogix.com or stores such as iTunes and Android Marketplace, the GolfLogix GPS app provides accurate distances to the center of the green, yardage book quality imagery of each hole, scorekeeping and in-round pro-level stat tracking for more than 32,000 courses worldwide. For less than $20, an upgraded annual Champion membership provides golfers with club tracking and distances to any location on the hole – including pin position, hazards and landing zones.

All Champion members are additionally rewarded with a $20 digital coupon and free ground shipping on their first Golfsmith Pro Shop purchase greater than $75 – essentially covering the cost of the upgraded Champion membership.

Every member receives access to the GolfLogix Member Clubhouse, the No. 1 online golf community where millions of players interact through social forums, offer challenges to fellow golfers and maintain an indexed handicap. It also contains a vault with 60 years of digitized Golf Digest content, including tips, articles and videos from the magazine’s legendary stable of elite instructors and Tour Playing Editors

About GolfLogix

The No. 1 Golf App, GolfLogix boasts more than 2 million members on the world’s top-selling smartphones. Dedicated to offering consumers the most advanced GPS solutions with the best features, quality and price, GolfLogix helps improve individual performance. Strategic partnerships with industry-leading content provider Golf Digest and top retailer Golfsmith present members with exclusive benefits directly through the app.

Founded in May 1999, GolfLogix was the first to introduce handheld GPS to the golf industry and holds a U.S. patent for its unique GPS and Internet-based club tracking application. Based in Scottsdale, AZ, the company has been professionally mapping courses for more than 12 years and owns the largest, most up-to-date golf course database in the world.

In 2009, the rapid advance of smartphone technology led GolfLogix to develop and quickly capture the market with an easy-to-use application providing precise GPS distances. In addition, the software manages scorekeeping and stat tracking, then uploads them to an online clubhouse community where golfers can interact and compete with millions of other players worldwide. Now available on more than 60 different smartphone models, The No. 1 Golf App offers maps for more than 32,000 courses globally.

For more information:  www.GolfLogix.com, 877.977.0162.

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Colorado Golf Discounts said...

This looks to be a fantastic app for golfers, since most golfers have a Smartphone and carry it where ever they go. For $20 bucks...with all the goodies that go with it like the $20 Golf Smith coupon, it is no wonder over 2 million golfers have got one. I am sending this link to my dad, who has trouble with distance and refuses to buy the expensive GPS stuff.