Feb 7, 2013

Q&A With Kikkor Golf's James Lepp

Got a chance to ask James Lepp a few questions through email this week. He's busy with his Kikkor Golf company as well as preparing his schedule for the upcoming 2013 PGA Tour Canada.

1. It was great following you on the Big Break Greenbrier to the final two. What were the positives you took from the show? Any negatives?

There was a lot to take from the show, but the most notable was probably the fact that no matter how nervous I got out there I was still able to perform. That gives me confidence moving forward into any nerve racking situation I get into. And really, there were no negatives!

2. What did you learn from the experience as a golfer? As a person?

I learned that the saucer pass works really well!! haha. Simply though, I learned that I'm half decent at golf. I know that I can be competitive out there on any stage. As a person, I learned that there are two James Lepp's. One that is a fierce competitor, and the other that just wants to have a good time. I'm never sure when one or the other will show up.

3. Every year Kikkor shoes seem to get better but there also seems to be more competition in the genre of alternative golf shoe? How is Kikkor going to compete in the years to come?

When I started Kikkor there wasn't really anybody in this market space. Now everybody is, and even new companies to boot. While it is very competitive, there will always be room for Kikkor. We don't just sell shoes; we sell an experience of awesome.

4. So what’s up Kikkor has golf shirts now? Is there not too many golf shirt companies out there? What makes Kikkor shirts different?

It just made sense to extend the brand to other products. Our customers love our shoes not only because they're a great product, but because they're cool and different. Our brand extensions, like apparel, will follow a similar story.

5. Any cool stories to come out of this years 2013 PGA Merchandise Show?

What happens at the PGA Show stays at the PGA Show.

6. Love the new Kikkor Commercial “Be Yourself Be Awesome” Hope did it come to be and who helped you with it?

We've made some videos here and there, and wanted to come out with some even more awesome. It was sort of a roundtable discussion. Once the wheels started turning then there was nothing stopping the creativity. Friends, colleagues, producers, camera guys...they all had their part in it.

7. Love social media and I know Kikkor Golf is actively involved in it as well? How do you see a company like Kikkor role in the whole “social media” world?

 I don't know if we ever look at it like a role. We're lucky that people are willing to follow us. Just like any news source, we want to give our followers newsworthy information. A lot of people over tweet in my mind. We just try to deliver great content when it comes up. There's no agenda, no specific schedule for tweeting or posting on Facebook. We want our followers to trust and appreciate our content. The trick is developing enough content to share! 

Golf Channel's Win McMurry chats with James Lepp, founder of Kikkor Golf, about his newest line of golf shoes at the PGA Merchandise Show at the Orange County Convention Center in Orlando, Fla.

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