Jun 10, 2013

My Muskoka Golf Adventure - Quick Facts

By Sean Crogie   Posted at  6/10/2013 10:13:00 PM   No comments

Here's a few quick facts from my weekend golf adventure to the Muskoka Region of Ontario for rounds at Muskoka Bay Club, Deerhurst Resort Highlands Golf Course and Taboo Resort. Some golf related some not so much.

  • Kilometers traveled- 976.7
  • Fast food stops: 3
  • During round beverages - Between my buddy Brian and I.
  • Coldest Beers- Cart Girl Deerhurst Resort Highlands Golf Course
  • Holes of Golf Played - 68
  • Golf balls found - 14 (ProV1s even)
  • Golf balls lost - Deerhurst(1) Muskoka Bay(2) Taboo(5)
  • Hardest Par 4 - #9 at Muskoka Bay Club - To many damn rocks.
  • Hardest Par 3 - #7 at Taboo Resort - narrow and see above
  • Hardest Par 5 - #18 Taboo Resort - 500 yd. monster(whites) with a crazy green (2 pin position is deadly)
  • Highest Score single hole - 8 at #8 Muskoka Bay Club (Par 5 only a 2 putt ouch!)
  • Best Birdie- 40 foot downhill putt on #8 Taboo Resort (Par 5)
  • Longest Putt Made - see above
  • Longest Drive - 270 yds. Deerhurst Resort Highlands Golf Course
  • Best Score - 91 at Deerhurst Resort Highlands Golf Course
  • Worst Score - 98 at Taboo Resort
  • Best 9 hole score - 43 Front 9 at Deerhurst
  • Worst  9 hole score - 49s Front/Back 9s- Taboo
  • Most 3 putts- 3 both at Taboo and Muskoka Bay
  • Best after round snack - Cedar Planked Salmon at Steamers - Deerhurst Resort
  • Best Range - Taboo Resort - spacious, tranquil, great condition, had a name plate for me a la PGA Tour(Nice Touch)
  • Best road to course- Muskoka Beach Road to Taboo Resort - Winding road through the forest.
  • Funniest animal that wasn't real seen on the golf course- The plastic, coyote/wolf seen near the green on a few holes at Deerhurst Resort Highlands Golf Course.
  • Smiles per round - too many to count
  • Wow moments - see above

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