Aug 28, 2013

Puma Faas Lite Mesh Golf Shoe Review - The Lightest Golf Shoes Period.

Harness Your Inner Rickie Fowler

Okay I've had my Brilliant Blue/Limeade Puma Faas Lite Mesh Golf Shoes for awhile now and here's the scoop.

Lightweight Yes!
These are the lightest golf shoe I've ever worn. At only 6.5 ounces, Puma has developed something called FaasFoam+. Which is basically a proprietary blend of foam and rubber that is 25% lighter than previous foams. Wearing the Faas Lite Mesh shoes my feet never seem to get tired with my active lifestyle. I've worn them golfing, both at my part-time job at Rideau View Golf Club as well as my main job delivering mail plus just out and about.

Being so light I was a little worried to see how they'd hold up both on and off the golf course. For a shoe you can basically roll up into a ball I've had no troubles with the Puma Faas Lite Mesh's durability. Puma’s “SmartQull” pattern and corrugated flex grooves haven't worn down which is surprising considering they're made of such a super light foam.

Rickie Fowler Flair
The colors are perfect for those that like a bit of Fowler Flair. In Brilliant Blue/Limeade, Vibrant Orange/White, Black/White.

Traction - Waterproof
The Faas Lite Mesh were not my shoe of choice on rainy or wet days (see below as well). The couple of times I wore them on wet days I found that I just didn't have great traction that I'm use to when swinging the club.  Puma’s “SmartQuill” pattern and corrugated flex grooves seems to work better in drier conditions.

The Faas Lite Mesh shoes are not waterproof so on wet days your feet will get wet so either pick up the waterproof version of the Faas Lite (at 8.7 ounces) or wear your other waterproof shoes.

At only $90 retail, the Puma Faas Lite Mesh golf shoe is a bargain even if like me you only use them in dry golfing conditions. The Faas Lite Mesh is super stylish, lightweight and a perfect blend of comfort and performance.

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European Golf Online said...

Many of you may be aware, the new golf shoes have been designed with some serious aggressive spikes. Several clubs have banned certain brands of soft spikes due to the disruption of the putting green surface that results.