Sep 14, 2013

RukkNet Pop-Up Golf Practice Net Review

By Ottawa Golf Blog   Posted at  9/14/2013 10:14:00 PM   3 comments

With my busy schedule I sometimes don't get to practice as often as my inner "golf nut" will let me. Hitting a few balls and sinking a few putts before a round doesn't always cut it. For the last month I've been testing out a handy practice net that has really helped my game mainly because I have it set up in my backyard and whenever I have a free moment I can use it.

The company is called Rukket and their golf practice net is called the RukkNet.

Check out my Instagram video with my son using the RukkNet Pop-Up Golf Practice Net

The first thing I liked about the RukkNet is it comes in a handy carrying case. Real easy to store in my shed and hardly takes up any room (folds flat to 32" diameter).

E-Z Setup
I was amazed at how easy setting up the RukkNet was, after watching Rukket's video on their website it took me about 30 seconds to set up the RukkNet outside in my backyard.

Outdoor Use
For me it was great using the RukkNet outside. I could hit full shots with all my clubs into the net. It took me awhile to not worry that I was going to launch a few balls into my neighbors backyard but the RukkNet with it's two net barrier system seems to be perfect to ease any safety concerns. Only when my five year old son hit a few low shots did I see a ball scoot under the RukkNet. No damage done as the ball got caught up in the grass and wasn't hit with that much force. That being set when you set up your RukkNet outside make sure you use the metal pegs to secure the net to the ground. As well don't have anything directly behind the RukkNet as well for added safety.

Indoor Use
The RukkNet stands about six and a half feet tall so you'll need a bit of room to be able to use the RukkNet indoors. Sadly my RukkNet does fit in my basement but my ceilings aren't high enough for full shots so I'm limited to just using the ChipIt! attachment. So that's obviously a little disappointing  as I'll only be able to hit chip shots and not any full shots.

Ball Returning Net
 The 4 ply knot-less ball returning net that is standard on the RukkNet I found only worked indoors. During outdoor use I had to pick up any balls hit into the net. Not a deal breaker for me as I might experiment with cutting the grass shorter where I place the RukkNet.

ChipIt! Attachment
The ChipIt! attachment is a fun add on that is included with your RukkNet Portable Driving Range. My son and I love using it for different fun competitions.  Easily attaches to the main RukkNet and is made from heavy duty 600 D material.  The RukkNet includes multiple points for attachment of your ChipIt! so you can test out different configurations and angles to practice more aspects of the game.

Leave it to my kids to find multiple uses for the RukkNet. So far they've used it as a fort, soccer net, tag, garage for various trucks, and batting practice . Oh the imagination!

At  $209 CDN the RukkNet is not cheap but if your any avid golfer the RukkNet will become your instant friend. With it's durable construction, portability, fast set-up, quick fold down, and practice anytime and pretty much anywhere.  Golfers will be adding this to their Christmas lists for sure.

Rukket has just recently started selling directly in Canada on Good for them as this avoids any extra duty and higher shipping charges.

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Anonymous said...

This is a great product that I have been using for several months. What a great way to easily and inexpensively practise my golf swings.

These are great nets so I brought them into Canada (as well as my US office), but they have not been selling very fast, so I am clearing them out:

Happy Golfing,
Cory Gauvreau

These are great nets so I brought them into Canada (as well as my US office), but they have not been selling very fast, so I am clearing them out:

Happy Golfing,
Cory Gauvreau

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