Oct 14, 2013

Ent on the Green (EOTG) Golf Belt Buckle Coming Soon

With so many golf gadgets out there I was pleasantly intrigued by Colin Smith golf belt buckle called Ent on the Green (EOTG). Colin's premise was simple. So many golfers fumbling around in there pockets looking for there ball marker/divot tool. Why not have your ball marker and divot tool easily available in a cool looking belt buckle. He's looking for backers so be sure and check out:

Colin's golf belt buckle campaign on Kickstarter goes live tomorrow morning at 8am PST.

The Scoop on Ent on the Green (EOTG)
1. Innovative gear – The EOTG buckle is the world’s first (patent approved) buckle in which both your divot tool and marker are secured in a unique, stylish belt buckle.

2. Simple design – The EOTG buckle has 3 pieces: the buckle, the ball marker, and the divot tool. The buckle has a low-profile design so that it is versatile and won’t be in the way. The color combinations options for the golfer to represent their teams are unprecedented in the industry.

3. Made for golfers – The EOTG buckle delivers your most needed tools reliably in the same spot right at your fingertips, so you never have to check your other pocket or run back to the cart.

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