Oct 22, 2013

SeeMore X3 Putter Review

Since April, my putter of choice has been Seemore's X3 putter. I've had the chance to test out this beautifully designed mallet putter with a distinct nickel finish both at my regular golf course, Rideau View and at a few golf courses I frequented this season for various golf course reviews, including Deerhurst Resort, Muskoka Bay Club and Lora Bay Golf Course to name a few. 

The X3 putter is part of SeeMore's xSeries, which features a few new options. SeeMore has combined the proven RifleScope Technology (RST) with cast and milled materials, stainless steel, and a lightweight TPU insert for feel and control. 

The Look
I've always loved the look of a mallet putter, and the X3 is no different. The mid-sized X3 definitely instills confidence when you address the golf ball. Like the Si Series, the nickel finish is esthetically appealing and durable. I liked the size/weight of the X3 a lot, and, for me, it was similar to the SeeMore M3 that I purchased off eBay a few years back and still game on occasion.

The x3 has one perpendicular line on the top for simple alignment with the ball and target and two perpendicular lines on the back flange for additional alignment benefits. RifleScope technology, the patented and proven alignment system featuring 2 additional parallel white lines and a signature red dot on the top heel of the putter, helps the golfer establish a setup and stance that is then perfectly squared up with the putter and the target line for consistently more excellent performance on the greens and benefits during practice.
 Visually, I liked how the SeeMore appeared on the putter's face and cavity.

The Insert / The Feel
I've reviewed the SeeMore Si1 and Si4 putters with inserts. The lightweight TPU insert in the X3 differed from the Si1 and Si4 in that I found the X3 to have a better and more consistent feel, especially on longer putts. The reason for this can be traced below to what SeeMore has done with this new insert.

The xSeries features a new lightweight TPU insert poured into a specially designed face cavity that can harden and bond with the stainless steel.
The whole face of the putter is then milled, giving it a consistent look. The Si models show separation between the insert and the putter, while the X series is seamless.

The Customization 
This is where, as noted in previous reviews, SeeMore excels Customizing your putter from the length, lie angle, grip, and headcover will only help you make more putts. Whether you use one of SeeMore's SPI instructors or speak to a SeeMore representative via phone/email about what type of SeeMore putter to use in the game, You will not only get some of the best customer service but also come away with a more knowledgeable putter. Ted Gallina from SeeMore was nice enough to send a beautiful Maple Leaf headcover later in the season to complement my X3.

SPi Instructor Paul Contento of Litchfield Country Club talks about the importance of getting fitted correctly.

The Conclusion
The SeeMore X3 was the best-feeling insert I have used. With its midsized head shape and nickel finish, the X3 frames the ball beautifully. I had the pleasure of testing out the X3 at various golf courses and in different weather conditions from early this Spring through the Summer and now into the Fall. On fast greens, it performed beautifully, and on greens with marginal to subtle breaks, it was outstanding.

I even got my handicap down to under 16. SeeMore's X3 had a definite hand in that.

The X3 retails for USD 195 and can be purchased at SeeMore's online store. SeeMore excels in customer service; you can call or email with any questions. They are more than willing to help you become a better putter.

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