Dec 2, 2013

Fantasy Golf Picks To Chase Away Your Winter Blues

The golf courses are closed here in the Ottawa area; snow blankets the fairways at Rideau View Golf Club where I last swung my golf clubs. Now my clubs just sit idle in my golf man cave. I don’t want to go in and see them as I know it will be awhile till I’ll be able to swing a club outside and smell the scent of freshly cut grass.

Winters can be long here in Canada for the avid golfer. Many plan trips to sunny golf destinations south of the border. For myself nothing planned as of yet but as usual other golf related thoughts are going through my mind.

This is the time of year I mull over which Fantasy Golf Leagues and Pools I’m going to play. For the most part over the last decade I’ve had success but like any real live sports betting action results are based on monetary gains and I can honestly say any larger size cash wins have become sparser recently. Yes there have been some good deposits to my PayPal account and a few golf clubs that have been added to the collection. But year after year it gets harder and harder to figure out my “picks”

Some years you end up with that on fire rookie that can’t miss, like Jordan Spieth from this past season. How many people saw Henrik Stenson having a break out season? That’s what this time of the year is for me immersing myself in all the Fantasy Golf info I can, trying to find the right combinations. Trying to find Mr. Top Ten (A la Kuchar or Sneds) is tough. You definitely have to work at it plus its better than washing your clubs for the fourth time this week, right? Good luck everyone!

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