Mar 3, 2014

The Sweetest Golf Winds They Blow in the South

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When does a winter feel to long for a golfer? You’ve read more about golf than you’ve actually swung your golf clubs in the off-season. You’ve actually worn down some of the grooves on your wedges from the repeated off-season washing. You’ve actually won a bit of coin playing Fantasy Golf and you’re thinking about taking up gambling professionally and have purchased various online aids and reading material for help with the business behind the online casinos as well. You’ve filled your snow blower up so much the gas bill is starting to get close to being outrageous. Hell you’ve even thought about taking up cross country skiing. 

I know for most avid golfers this winter has just seemed so damn long. If you check any online golf forum there’s various threads with similar sentiment with titles like, “When will this Bloody Winter End?” and “Going crazy in the snow”

Oh yes March is here now and for those of us able, the sweetest golf winds they blow in the south. Yes the mass exodus that is Canadian golfers are headed south. Here's my golf course itinerary for the March Break. This year I’ve got Oyster Bay, Cape Fear National and Carolina National Golf Course. Any others will be added later this week. A great way to shake the winter blahs. Stay tuned for updates from my sunny deck on North Topsail Island North Carolina to fairways of the above golf courses. My winter oasis, thank God!

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