May 25, 2016

Favourite Holes At Oak Bay Golf & Country Club

Had the pleasure of finally playing Oak Bay Golf & Country Club this past long weekend. My son Gus tagged along for the day and we had a blast playing the course and taking in the beautiful weather and amazing scenery. Golfing on the eastern shores of Georgian Bay has to be an early highlight of my golf year so far.


Here are the three holes that stood out for me playing Oak Bay for the first time.


Hole #12
Normally I'm not a big lover of dogleg holes but #12 is special. A tight driving hole and very intimidating from the tee anything left is going to be trouble. Just a real pretty hole well designed and fun to play.


Love the natural beauty of the Canadian Shield near the green on this hole and so did Gus. Defintely play left of this rock formation.



Hole #14


Short par 4, definite thumbs up from me.

Who doesn't like a good drivable par 4 especially one that's has such a fun risk and reward outcome. Hole #14 at Oak Bay delivers. Beautiful backdrop.


Fairway narrows before green and with a large bunker down the left side you have to be accurate with your drive or layup, but that's the easy route right?



Hole #17

A tricky par 3 playing with beautiful views of Oak Bay. With the variations in winds and wind direction this is a hole that tests your skill at picking the "right" club. Hazards abound on this hole so it really makes you think. A long green with a few undulations once you're on it's not easy going with the putter.



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