Mar 19, 2017

Golf Book Review: Arnie: The Life of Arnold Palmer by Tom Callahan


It's inspiring how many books/articles I've read about Arnie since the King passed away last September. It's people that knew or didn't know him wanting to pay tribute to him. Tom Callahan certainly knew him and did a great job in taking those of us who have never meet Arnold Palmer on a journey where we feel like we have. Tom’s writing gives us that little insight into Arnie’s life both on and off the golf course. He does so beautifully intertwining stories from people who's lives were influenced by Mr. Palmer and there's obviously many.


Callahan’s homage to Arnie is a must read for those fans of a man who profoundly influenced the game we love to play. Arnie: The Life of Arnold Palmer will be released April 4, 2017 (Harper ).


Tom Callahan:

New York Times bestselling author of Johnny U, is a major biography from a legendary sports writer and friend of Palmer. From Palmer’s achievements on the green, including winning over 90 tournaments (including four Masters), to his role in changing the business of sports, Arnold Palmer was undeniably “the King” of golf.

Tom Callahan knew Palmer well for many years, and he has assembled, here, a trove of stories about the legend’s life. Filled with anecdotes and intimate stories from the people who knew him best, Arnie tells the story of a life well played.




Praise for Tom Callahan:



“Before I played in a Masters or U.S. Open, I played golf with Tom Callahan in Pretoria. So we go back a ways. In my first American major, I was paired with Arnold Palmer. Now Tom and Arnold are paired forever.” – Ernie Els



“Tom knows the game of golf as well as anyone in the business. A lot of years, not just a lot of nights, went into this.” – Jack Nicklaus



Great cover photo from Arnie's first professional win the 1955 Canadian Open. Pocketed $2400 bucks. Check out that smile.





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