May 8, 2017

How To Win 2018 Masters Tickets?

Well if your like me and have been applying for Masters tickets since they went to the online method in 2012 and have come up empty. We're in the majority of individuals who try for tickets. In 2012 they began selling a small number of practice and tournament round tickets through a random drawing following online registration. If you happen to win, you are granted the right to purchase practice or tournament round packages at face value.

The Masters Ticket Lottery* is by far the cheapest method of acquiring Masters tickets, but is very unlikely. Large numbers of people request tickets each year, making it highly unlikely to be selected in the lottery


Plus Augusta does not release the number of tickets allocated to the online method nor the likelihood of being selected in the lottery.

So why do I bother because I have hope and 2018 is my 50th birthday. So I think the stars will align either that or there's other methods to acquire tickets.

Off-Site Ticket Website- Like Stubhub Will Be Expensive Plus Check Out There Guarantee Policy.
Ticket Package Companies- Safe Option But Can Be Pricey.
Ticket Scalpers In Augusta- Make Sure You're 1500 Ft. Away From Augusta When Purchasing.
EBay- Allows A Few Check Out Guarantee Policy As Well.

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