Jan 9, 2019

Winter Distractions Til Golf Season - Getting Through The Winter Blahs

It always feels like a love/hate kind of feeling this time of the year when it comes to golf. For those of us in pretty much any Canadian province or in any Northern state playing golf is non-existent. There's only so much you can wash your clubs or watch reruns of last years tournaments on the Golf Channel.

Now there are those that do indoor golf or are wrapped up in planning a Winter golf getaway. All the more power to you but here's a few things that get me through the Winter blahs and to that first day when you smell the fresh cut fairways and greens of your local golf course and you take out that brand new shiny driver and smash it down the velvety smooth fairway.

Winter Distractions Til Golf Season

I immerse myself in all the new golf equipment and apparel. From January to April you can pretty much drown in all the new gear from the first tournament in Hawaii to Augusta the pros are playing all the new golf gear. Take most popular website and be inundated with articles, stories and video tidbits of all the upcoming gear of the year. Perusing the various websites and other publications could be considered a full time job but I love it.

Although I no real interest in the The Match between Tiger Woods and Phil Mickelson this past November. I did love the fact the boys had a few side bets going on between the two of them during the event. During the Winter months nothing like the odd PGA Tour bet or peruse a betting site like Novibet searching for the perfect odds on an upcoming Major Golf Tournament bet. It all boils down to curing the Winter blahs and being able to head back out onto the links come Spring time. How do you cure your Winter blahs til Golf Season?

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