May 11, 2019

Rocket Tour Knit Headcover Review

My son Gus and I love doing reviews of golf accessories as they're for us an integrable part of golf. So was thrilled Rocket Tour sent over some knit headcovers for us to review.

Here's a little history on this 15 year old Boulder Colorado based company from their website:

Since 2004, Rocket Tour has designed golf head covers that are a unique mix of classic and modern with a stylish fun twist encouraging self-expression on your golf bag. Created to inspire golfers to “show their stripes,” the quality knit and putter covers are personally designed by founder Helena Stanton and hand-finished in Boulder, Colorado. Best known for their knit headcovers in recognizable Rugby Striped Pom Poms and Skinny Stick Hybrid Covers, Rocket Tour designs a variety of options to sport your favorite sports team, alma mater and more. Rocket Tour supports and outfits more than 250 collegiate golf programs, junior golf programs, state golf associations and charity initiatives. Heading into the brand’s 15th anniversary celebration in 2019, now more than ever the Company is spearheading a movement to rep your style and your team!

Gus was thrilled to test out a driver head cover from Rocket Tour as I had just purchased him a Ping G812 Driver and it didn't come with a head cover.

What he liked about the head cover:

He loved the colour combination of the Victory Stripe Pom Pom - Black - Red / White
I'm not sure whether it's because they're the colours of two of his favourite hockey teams (Ottawa Senators/67s) but when he first saw it he couldn't wait to put it on his Ping driver.

He really like the way it fit his new driver, snug and he didn't have to worry about it falling off during his time playing golf.

He liked the way the head cover made his worn out old golf bag "cool" again.


The only thing he didn't like was after a few rounds he thought the head cover was "falling apart" as longer threads started to appear on the pom pom of his head cover.

Upon scouring Rocket Tour's website this is what I came upon (a solution):

Sometimes POM POMS or TASSELS need a trim - knit material used in a sporty environment sometimes causes wayward threads that need a quick snip (only on pom or tassel not on body of cover). This is normal and will help keep your POM POM or TASSEL looking nice longer. Shake and snip any long stray threads.

What I really liked about the headcovers I got to test out were the fact they were so versatile. I tried the Argyle Skinny Stick in Black/Red  and it fit great on my Taylormade #5 hybrid as well as my Titleist  #3 hybrid.

I also like the fact the Rugby Strip POM POM in Black / Red fit and protected better both my 3 and 4 woods. Something important especially when you're carrying your bag as much as I do.


Rocket Tour headcovers are both functional, versatile, and stylish. Gus and I loved the way they performed on the golf course.

Individual headcovers will run you between $30-$43 USD and sets will obviously cost you more, pretty reasonable considering I've paid more for headcovers that haven't been as functional as Rocket Tours.

Plus any company that's been around since 2004 and puts out Masters headcovers is #1 in my books.

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